Areas of Practice


Wolkov LLP provides services for independent power producers, investor-owned utilities and other energy providers, developers, lenders, underwriters, private equity funds, lease equity and other financial organizations, governments and agencies involved in energy and infrastructure projects. These clients engage in a wide range of activities across the energy sector including acquiring and managing energy assets and energy-related companies and investing in and providing financing to energy projects and clean technology companies. Our representation of diverse energy-focused clients has given our firm the experience to provide valuable service to complex and challenging transactions in the energy space.

Real Estate

Wolkov LLP provides creative, efficient and effective real estate related services to our clients.  We are experienced in representing real estate developers and lenders, in residential, multi-family, commercial and mixed-use projects throughout the state of Florida and in neighboring countries.  We are able to capitalize in other areas of the firm which are pertinent to a real estate transaction such as tax, restructuring, dispute resolution, and corporate and securities matters.  The result is that our clients consistently receive sophisticated, practical and strategic advice and representation. Wolkov LLP has assisted clients with the acquisition, financing, development, operation, leasing, management and sale of properties of all types. We also have experience in representing investors of all types and classes, including foreign investors, in connection with their investments in various real estate projects.


Wolkov LLP guides clients through the complex process of raising and investing capital, complying with applicable securities laws, and engaging in securities transactions, in the private and public markets.  We advise emerging enterprises through their various non-public capital raises as well as businesses entering and accessing the public markets through initial and secondary public offerings.  We believe we have a well-earned reputation for quality, consistency, creativity and efficiency, for dedication and responsiveness in client service and for credibility and good working relationships with market participants and securities regulators. Our firm has extensive experience representing domestic and international issuers, underwriters, placement agents, active and passive investors and investment funds in connection with equity and debt financings and other capital markets transactions.  We assist clients with transactions ranging from start-up, venture capital financings, to private placement and public offering transactions.  Our firm advises issuers, underwriters, placement agents and investors, on initial and follow-on securities offerings, and concerning all matters involving U.S. federal and state securities regulation as well as applicable stock exchange listing requirements. We act as deal-facilitators and problem-solvers in financing and capital markets offerings and transactions.  We collaborate with our clients’ in-house teams and work proactively to drive deals to efficient, successful conclusion.  As issuer’s counsel, we guide our clients through every stage of the offering and funding process, from identifying and selecting placement agents, underwriters and funding sources, to designing structure and term sheets, mapping strategy and setting timetables, to preparing the offering and registration documentation and appropriate filings and navigating the road of applicable regulatory requirements.


Wolkov LLP represents sponsors and developers, senior debt providers and equity investors and governments and agencies in the public/municipal sector. Our equal representation of both sponsor/developers and debt/equity providers allows us to provide practical advice for our clients and a sound basis for negotiating and concluding a deal. Our experience in raising successful financing is based on developing risk allocations that strike a balance between the interests of the project entity and its shareholders’ returns and those of the lenders. Specifically, we work on major infrastructure project financings, mergers and acquisitions, securitizations, fund formations, asset financings, regulatory matters and related arbitration and litigation proceedings.

Information Technology

Wolkov LLP has extensive experience in guiding companies in diverse industries through the issues surrounding information technology. We knowledgeably steer our clients through acquisition, use and protection of their technology, inventions and proprietary information. Our wide array of legal services ranges from private equity and venture capital financing, to licensing, confidentiality agreements and technology licensing, to acquisitions and divestitures. Our sensitivity to the unique dynamics of information technology companies and transactions allows us to add considerable value to our client servicing. In the area of technology mergers and acquisitions, we blend know-how in general mergers and acquisitions with experience in technology-related issues.


Our expertise across the biotech landscape gives us great insight into specific technologies, systems and markets. More importantly, our holistic understanding of the interrelated technologies and systems typically involved in a single invention allows us to provide coordinated guidance and counsel from inception though introduction. Wolkov LLP effects patent, trademark, copyright, and other filings, and direct oppositions, cancellations, and litigation matters. We have considerable experience in negotiating and drafting traditional licensing agreements as well as agreements for strategic alliances, partnerships and joint ventures.


Wolkov LLP assists clients in the creation of health care related start-ups, joint ventures, acquisitions, and divestitures. We work closely with our tax and regulatory advisors to effectively deal with the continually changing federal and state regulatory environment that impacts health care companies and providers. We are experienced with licensing and certificate of need issues. We represent clients in developing and acquiring properties, obtaining necessary entitlements, certificates of need, and zoning approvals, resolving environmental issues, and negotiating project financing and leases.

Life Sciences

Wolkov LLP assists clients to find venture funding, protect intellectual property and access capital markets. Our firm understands that life sciences clients require a very high degree of expertise in law, business and science, and we have built our practice to anticipate these needs in order to provide efficient counsel along the way. We provide expertise in corporate law, collaborations and licensing, regulatory matter and intellectual property law. We’re keenly aware of the issues facing life sciences companies, including the general business challenges and technology-specific capital needs, and the importance of key relationships with research institutions, scientists, and doctors. We also recognize the larger financial demands on research, development, and FDA approval, and are committed to providing pragmatic and efficient legal solutions at a reasonable cost.


Wolkov LLP represents clients in developing and acquiring properties, obtaining necessary entitlements and zoning approvals, resolving environmental issues, addressing securities issues in connection with condo-hotel and fractional interest sales, preparing condominium and fractional ownership documents, resolving regulatory requirements, negotiating management and licensing agreements, and negotiating project financing.